What is a WEA TALK anyway?

A trusted friend took the time to break down the concept of human 'knowing' with us recently and our big take away was very simple - we, collectively, only know a fraction of what there is to know about the world we live in and we know even less, collectively, about how to make it better. We are excited by and simultaneously frustrated by all that we DON'T know.

But you know what TSC DOES know?


Really interesting, knowledgable, impactful, community-centered paradigm-shifting thought-leaders who are more than willing to share their library of knowledge + experience not only with TSC - but with the Collective at large. We are explicitly invested in all-encompassing forward momentum towards a better way of life for You, our community, and making access to life/world changing information easy, convenient, engaging and fun is a Spiritualish priority.

Sooo...The Spiritiualish Collective presents WEA TALK .

Existence As It's Intended.

Through the consistent exchange of experience and information within our community, both virtually and in-person, we can enrich our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Subsequently, we can then begin to live our lives by our own design. Existence as it's intended.  

Build the World.

The Spiritualish Collective is committed to diligently and consistently helping our community build lives authentically beneficial to the individual while simultaneously contributing to the greater good and highest timeline of the Earthly-whole. We will not simply complain about the world as it stands today. We will, instead, work alongside those with a similar vision, supporting and ensuring these special voices have a quality platform from which to share paradigm-shifting products, ideas and practices.





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