The Mindful Misfit Podcast

What is really going on with this ascension business?
What does it even meeeaaannnn?
Enter The Mindful Misfit – the podcast from The Spiritualish Collective that is offering you real talk, grounded spiritual education on everything – and we mean ev-er-y-thing, from BitCoin (wtf IS IT THO?) to Divine Union Templates and your past life path (ohhhh, that’s why I can’t stand his A$$).
We don’t fit in because we were built to stand out – mindfully.
Every Monday 2p CST join us on The Spiritualish Collective, Alove + Lizzy B + Shay, on our YouTube Channel and all other platforms where podcasts are found.
Get in here.


Episode 1 "The Break Down" fills the Collective in on Spiritualish juice. The 5Ws of TSC and the backstory of our manifestation + how 3 women continually find ways to break barriers and preconceived notions around what spirituality should look like and what it is in actuality.


@the.shay.leigh, 1/3 of The Spiritualish Collective, is the magic hands behind the scenes of all @thespiritualishcollective + the brings her special brand of beautiful Libra balance ⚖ to all that we do.

But on this episode we got to flip the script and move Shay from behind the scenes where she manages aaaallll of the unseen energetic and physical chaos to front and center with Alove diving deep into the whys and hows of her healing ways. This was an extra special edition of the show for the magical ages.

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LIVE from The Treehouse at Squatch Frontier Fitness we bring you Episode 3 of "The Mindful Misfit - The Break UP." May is Mental Health Awareness Month and today's Misfit will cover how we have tackled and overcome so many of our own mental struggles. Break Method + Movement + mushrooms + nutrition + body work + spiritual medicine + genuine connection are all a huge components of our healing journeys and we'll map as much of these methodologies out for you as possible in our time together. Strap in for the realness only Spiritualish can dose you with.

EPISODE 4 "The Collective - We Out Here. Where you at tho?"

We're all in The Treehouse at Squatch Frontier Fitness for the 4th Episode of The Misfit...and we had a full weekend. Gurl. The juice is loose. Ep. 4 "The Collective - We Out Here, But Where The Dudes At" will deep dive into what energy is lurking/rippling in the Collective - betwixt and between the masculne and feminine at the moment. The micro is so very mimicking the macro at the moment and Toxic Masculinity, masquerading as woke is running amuck - it's Amuckery.

Needless to say we have thoughts, and words and we want to help you, in all your true divinity alchemize this yuck into fuel for your own feminine fire. 

Mental Health Resources Mental Health + Substance Use Recovery Services for individuals in the Music Industry

Emotional + Brain Repatterning

Oracle Decks

Goddess Guidance by Doreen Virtue

The Moon Deck by 3 Moon Sisters

Episode 5 "Just Do It, Sonia!"

Spiritualish sister Sonia Koschoreck, Creator + Founder of The Monarch Sanctuary Project, sits in with the Three post-WEA TALK to get a closer look at her life transformation into full fledged butterfly. Just connecting over a deep bond and some butterfly ish.  A lovely afternoon with dear friends talking about meaningful things. Feels good. Get in here. 

Episode 6 "Ooop...We're Feeling Sensitive. It's Shifty Out Here."

We were ALL the feels as we navigate one of the most emotionally, spiritually intense weeks we've had in sometime. We walk through talk through integrating increased sensitivity in this crazy ass beautiful world. The shift is too real + rest and gratitude are key.


The energy is WILD out in these street and The Misfits bust a lot wide open on this episode. Macro to Micro talk re: The City of Austin...from water to awakening to aliens - and how these things are infinitely and divinely linked.💧

Alove quickly + succinctly talks us through body resonance in regards to Truth and the importance of what we take in into the body - triggering an interesting reaction in Lizzy B.

There's a poignant card pull for the Collective with guidance as to how to move through one of the most impactful weeks of our lifetime. HEADS UP! The show gets cut with about 15 minutes left, but the remaining time will be available with the audio release of this episode...Episode 7, mind you. 💫

Connection is key to existence as it's intended. Get in here. ⚡

Episode 8 "Ahhh...Dads + And Some Beneficial But Whack Ass Solstice Energy"