BUTI 101 Intensive is a 2-day deep dive into BUTI theory and practical application with Alove.

This intensive workshop is rooted in deepening your personal Buti Movement practice through in-depth understanding of practice origins and intent. In 2 days Alove will cover BUTI Yoga Movement Medicine history, philosophy, methodology and energy through the foundational aspects of class structure, Kundalini energy, yogic asana movement, tribal dance and the energetic body.

Attendees will explore the nature and reasoning behind Spiral Structure Technique®, learn core muscular structure and how to incorporate BUTI movement to catalyze and optimize the physical body. Adrienne will take you through asana, plyometrics, tribal dance and transitions expected in a full length BUTI class - helping to ease any intimidation in regards to the powerfully transformational practice. The workshop will open and close each daily session with movement (45-60 minutes). Each section in the intensive will incorporate movement, traditional classroom learning and open Q+A .

At the close of the BUTI 101 Intensive you will be ready to feel, move and release in a live BUTI Yoga class or in your own home-solo practice with confidence, allowing the magic of the practice to flow uninhibited through you.





BUTI Foundations and History , Class Structure, The Mirror Effect, Kundalini

Spiral Structure Technique, Core Anatomy + Hip Work, Bilateral Movement + Cross-Crawl Technique

Chakra System, Chakra Awakening Series, Pranayama, Shakti Shake

Yogic Movement + Transitions, Tribal Dance