Sonia Koschoreck + The Monarch Sanctuary Project

What I’m literally doing is creating natural native habitats, large and small, that act as sanctuaries of support for monarchs on their migratory path- and for pollinators of all kinds, to rest and raise their families.

What I’m figuratively doing is promoting mindfulness in nature. I’m encouraging self-authenticity, love, joy and wonder.

It’s an underdog, self-realization story of hope and human transformation through a reconnection to the Earth- inspired by the monarch butterfly. It’s a little bit about monarch biology, conservation, the importance of preserving the monarch migration; it’s about trial and error, humility, determination, grace, community- and a lot about following my heart.

I ask you: Who will you become as you emerge from the darkness of this- whatever your THIS is? What stage of metamorphosis are you in? Are you the caterpillar? Are you still seeking? Are you the chrysalis- patiently waiting? Or are you the butterfly- ready to fly? I guess the beauty is that you get to choose.

Sonia Koschoreck


We aren’t unlike the monarch butterfly. The difference between them and us is that we have it within us to help them. We can give back and share the land that was theirs to begin with. It isn’t entirely unselfish- although it should be. We all benefit.

Why save the monarch migration? This biological wonder. Because it exists. Why save the Grand Canyon? Because if we don’t, it won’t exist and we will have lost the magic. And we need that in this world.



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