Choose You

Hi. It's me. Yeah, I'm just calling to remind you...

Keep. Choosing. You.

Keep choosing Your life.
Martyrdom is not romantic and Peace is sexy.
Unless it is bringing goodness into your life - into your heart, it is not worth your Energy, and your Energy is everything.
Do not settle.
Do not compromise because you are lonely or you cannot see/feel the outcome in this moment.

Have Faith. Right now. I mean it. Zag.

Now is not the time to reason with anyone. We have come too far. We have worked very very hard. We have all been presented with the same opportunities for change.
This weekend is a choice-point window. The portal is open for you to declare your Independence and no one can do it for you and you can not do any of this for anyone else.
This is about You alone.
Love yourself enough - right now.

Share this with someone you love - I feel us teetering a bit. We might lose some...Hold on to your heart + Stay the GD course. We're almost there. You can do it. ❤⚡

You know The Wondorous Boat Ride in Willy Wonka - They just showed me that...mmhmm.

Ride the wave 〰️ 

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