I've experienced a massive change in my being over the past four years or so. The catalyst seeming to be the process of losing a soulmate and father of my children to cancer, but what I've come to understand is that my transformation, like yours is actually an awakening - mind, body and spirit. It has been difficult to say the very least, but I only see life now in terms of lessons to be learned and one gift that I have been given is that of deep sight and I refuse to keep my gift for myself. I share my lessons, experiences, time and wisdom with others in the hopes of helping to create lives well-lived for us all even in the midst of the greatest challenge. It takes courage to look deep within, search your own heart, remove blockages, find your purpose in effort to live a life of faith and truly live.

"We do this through connection and love."

I have experienced my own massive transformation. Externally, sure. But more importantly, my transformation has taken place internally with the way I think and feel about myself and the world around me, but it was not without great pain. In observing my own transformation with an objective and as much of a scientific eye as I could muster, I've discovered that pain/trauma are the catalyst for change. When faced with extreme or repetitive traumatic impacts the mind, body, soul has two choices - either remain in pain or fashion an escape route from the inciting pain or trauma. It is tantamount to my soul's mission to teach people how to integrate the latter as opposed to remaining in the death-cycle - let's call it what it is - of the former. Transmutation of stagnant energy into forward momentum is something that I've taught myself over the course of my internal study in conjunction with BREAK Method and body movement work. I've not only redesigned my own physical body and shed over 100 pounds, I've also redesigned MY life into one that is of my choosing, free of the self-doubt, guilt, shame and anxiety that accompanies living life founded in the expectations of others.

I've found that my change has garnered some attention, mostly with people asking how I did it, seeking their own massive change. One only needs to spend 5 seconds breathing in the current air to realize we are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness. For the majority of us this shift is situational. The old is either falling away or systematically being removed, only to be replaced with new and better - depending on perspective and recognition of the need for realignment. This is where my purpose slides in. Connection. As a result of my own life experience, study and work with BREAK Method - School of Sustainable Self-Mastery, combined with devotion to my own spiritual path I have discovered that one of the ways that I can serve humanity is in Service-To-Others by helping individuals bridge the gap between who they once were and who they perceived themselves to be into the person who is the fullest embodiment of themselves, living fully in their purpose. We are not meant to live our lives full of fear and limits. We are to challenge those limits daily, pushing past fear into the full potential of us.

We do this through movement.

We do this through clarity of thought.

We do this through connection and love.

Not on the shore of life, as mere observers, but out on the rocks as full participants, grounded in clear purpose and radiating light from every aspect of our being.


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