The Spiritualish Collective

September 25-27th, 2020

Spreading Spiritual-ISH like dope-ass wildfire.

Shifting perspectives + cultivating connections.
Our world is evolving – we believe our movement, mindset, and communities should too.

These are not random acts of rebellion – but intentional acts of sovereignty.

Get in here.

Above photos taken by: Chris Harvey, Ryan Farnau, Elizabeth Boasso, & Shay Turnbow
Cover and Footer photo by: Chris Harvey

We are living in a time of great disconnect –
from society, from each other, from Source, from ourselves.

The Spiritualish Collective refuses to allow the disruptive discontent of the world to dictate the state of our personal + collective sovereignty.

Movement and connection are medicine and when we stop moving and stop connecting, inter-personally and externally, our life force gradually wains and our whole selves begin to suffer.

Investment in maintaining balance and holistic health in all three aspects of our being is crucial to our quality of life. Movement and deep connection are acts of rebellious disruption and we plan to spend 2-days with you participating in both, feeding all aspects of ourselves – mind, body and soul. Prepare to immerse your entire being in a weekend of Buti Yoga, Sound Healing, Farm-to-Table chef-prepared nutrient rich foods, activities rooted in heart-centered spiritual guidance – all focused intently on leading you back to your true home. Your heart.

Spend the weekend learning next to gifted facilitators, building accessible practices back into your life that will help you sustain true alignment within, while cradled in the energetic sanctuary of Samadhi Yoga Retreat and Eco-Preserve.

Existence as it’s intended.

September 25th-27th, 2020
San Marcos, Texas
(1 hour south of Austin, TX)

Retreat Details
2-night accommodation at Samadhi Yoga Retreat + Eco-Preserve
5-6 Nutrient-dense, GF chef prepared meals + snacks
BUTI Yoga to begin the days + DEEP sessions to seal the work
Sovereignty Workshop
Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony
GF S’mores by the fire
Take home gift bag

Limited availability of 13 spaces offered.
First come, first serve.
Get in here.

Applications will be responded to
within 24-48 hours.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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