We are conscious creators who curate collaborative events that provide a platform for New Earth thought leaders and budding entrepreneurs to gain and share exposure while also providing movement medicine and leading-edge education rooted in all things spiritual to our members and community in an effort to generate a return to collective Existence As It’s Intended.

We believe Connection Is Key in getting the most out of this life.

Get in here.

What we're creating for the collective



WEA Talk brings you voices from The Collective - providing a space for New Earth thought leaders to share their knowledge, experience, and life stories with the intention of shifting perspectives, connecting hearts and opening minds within our community.

Live chat + Q&A with a new guest speaker each month.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6 with Sonia Koschoreck

Tuesday MVMNT Medicine at Squatch

Buti Mvmnt Medicine, led by Alove of The Spiritualish Collective, hosted by Squatch Frontier Fitness is a judgement free-zone. Expect sweat, release, laughter and a whole lot of love.

Let go of any preconceived notions or preexisting thoughts regarding your typical yoga class - this is not that. It's the medicine you've been looking for.

This all-encompassing mvmnt medicine combines tribal dance cardio bursts, deep core conditioning, yoga asana, energetic chakra cleansing and breath-work to align and transform your body from the inside out. The BONUS? Average calorie burn is 600-900 calories per class.

Tuesdays 6p in The Wolf Den - Childcare available. Please RSVP via email - thespiritualishcollective@gmail.com


The Mindful Misfit

What is really going on with this ascension business?

What does it even meeeaaannnn?

Enter The Mindful Misfit – the podcast from The Spiritualish Collective that is offering you real talk, grounded spiritual education on everything – and we mean ev-er-y-thing, from BitCoin (wtf IS IT THO?) to Divine Union Templates and your past life path (ohhhh, that’s why I can’t stand his A$$).

We don’t fit in because we were built to stand out – mindfully, and TSC is here to make it easy for you to do the same.

Every Monday 2p CST join us on The Spiritualish Collective, Alove + Lizzy B + Shay, on our The TSC YouTube and all other platforms where podcasts are found.

Get in here.

Being Alove

Alove experienced a massive change in her being coinciding with the birth of her older son in 2012 and the catalyzing death of her husband in 2017.

What she has come to understand through her connecting with Divine is that her transformation, like yours is actually an awakening and a deep remember of her original blueprint – mind, body and spirit.

The changes have not been easy to say the very least, but now she only sees her life now in terms of lessons to be learned + shared. A true alchemist.

One, of many gifts that she has been given is that of true sight and she refuses to keep these gifts for herself.

Her purpose is to share her lessons, experiences, time and wisdom with others in the hopes of helping them to cultivate abundant lives well-lived, even in the midst of the great challenges.

connection is key.